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Former Student of Ingwe TVET College now an Entrepreneur

During the new student orientation and recognition of performance ceremony that was held at Mt Fletcher Campus of Ingwe TVET College a local entrepreneur donated tablets for the top performing students of the Campus. The local businessman also attended the ceremony and the college got the chance to interview the Alumnus and got him to share his success story.

Who is Tshidi and where does he come from?

I am Tshidisehang Kebe commonly known as Tshidi. I was born 25 years ago in a small village called Setabataba in Mt Fletcher.

Tell us about your background

I am the second born in my family. I started my lower grades at Mt Fletcher Village Primary School and completed my Secondary Education at Lehana Senior Secondary School. During my High School years both my parents were unemployed and were struggling to make ends meet. I opened a tuck shop in order to assist with payment for my studies as well those of my siblings. After completing matric I was employed as a sales representative in a local furniture shop. It was after this encounter that I took a decision to further my studies because I realised that without a proper Education one cannot go far.

What qualification do you have and what motivated you to study towards it?

At first I studied Management Assistant so that when I start my own business I can be a good administrator. I have always carried the dream of being a business man and therefore I needed a qualification so as to capacitate myself in order to fulfil my dream. I later enrolled for Business Management in order to gain extensive knowledge about running my business effectively.

Which part of Business Management did you enjoy?

I mostly enjoyed Accounting and Entrepreneurship. Accounting has empowered me to manage my own books instead of outsourcing the service and through my love for entrepreneurship I have acquired the relevant skills required to achieve my business goals.

I have learned that you have started your own business, tell us more.
I am a proud product of Ingwe TVET College. I am now the sole owner of Tshidi’s Traditional Restaurant which does catering for all types of events ranging from meetings to weddings. I also own Tshidi’s Trading Enterprise and the services we offer are supply and delivery of a wide variety of goods, stationery, tent hire and decoration, sound hire, cleaning material and cleaning services. I also strive to ensure that I build both my restaurant and Trading Company to be the preferred brand as the market I operate in is very saturated.

Can you encourage students out there or anyone interested in studying in a TVET College
All I can say is hard work and determination are vital elements in building the future of the nation. Students especially the needy should refrain from undermining TVET Colleges and labelling them as institutions for those who do not perform well academically. I am a living testimony and a proud product of Ingwe TVET College and I do not consider myself different from those who have studies at other institutions of Higher learning other than TVET Colleges.

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