Higher Education Department

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Ingwe TVET College

Administration Centre
Badibanise Village
Mount Frere
Tel: 039 940 2142

Mission, Vision & Values

The Mission

Providing diverse quality technical vocational education and training responsive to the needs of our economy.

The Vision

A world class institution of learning, training and development.

The Values

At Ingwe TVET College we are guided by the following values which are important to us as an organization.

  • Integrity and honesty: By staying true to the dictates of our conscience and uphold the high moral principles.
  • Commitment:Uphold the principles of dedication and diligence to our work.
  • Ubuntu: Human virtues, compassion and humanity. We are because of others.
  • Commitment: Uphold the principles of dedication and diligence to our work.
  • Efficiency and professionalism: Ensure the competence of skills expected of a professional further ensuring that the programs we offer are yielding the intended desirable outcomes in a professional and effective manner.
  • Excellency: by always striving to perform beyond expectations.
  • Responsiveness: by designing and delivering programmes responsiveness to the needs of our regional economic drives and community needs.
  • Accountability: complying with all statutory reporting prescripts as outlined by the DHET policies and other relevant legislative requirements. All managers will take responsibility for the management and operation of the implementation and attainment of the strategic goals.